Aesop Ipsum

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When you can't work with real content, bring some of the illest rap lyrics ever written to your projects:

Ebonics lurking where the crop circles got stamped out from the rain dance

Soul crafted fat cats, burrowin', left perennial tenants discouraged in. Discussing my four-season flourishing. While cannily panicking was the average. I broadcast modern boredom mesozoic poetry pupils. Caught up in scruples from the inimical nature of my program. I make music and connect color to canvas, swoop down from the trees with potpourris and other bandits. Landed randomly upon the valleys of the grimace, saw my planted leaf start burnin from the oustide in.

  • Where the wild strawberry vines toss and turn
  • Iron clad oracle test three COM unit disperse silently
  • Sit and sweat bullets on a console
  • Therefore it is and the melody settles
  • Sling blanks sprayed it with apathy magic balance
  • Cherry pick blue in the pale
  • Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison
  • When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall
  • Now what of the madness fragments? Stagnant

Oh it'll be soon, balloon immune to doom blend, I ain't ditchin' the kitchen til every spoon bends. Today I pulled three ghost crabs out of rock and sand, where the low tide showcased a promised land.

Collapsing scaffold mad pole crusher russian robot recruits

You're cordially invited to accompany me, in rotations of the tables to label the opposition. As I choose, refusing to evolve with the cold, rapidly dissolved my involvement in a solvent of soul and roll back This is a never dug disco, Zoo York tycoon, memorandum bonanza banter clamp crunk out the fish bowl. Please hold for the don't-play dull boy, click: I am not a page or a pull toy. Came in the door and the floor is lava, killjoy if your core more Norman Rockwell. My first name is a random set of numbers and letters, and other alphanumerics that changes hourly forever, my last name, a thousand vowels fading down a sinkhole to a susurrus, couldn't just be John Doe or Bingo.

In a cradle I label the dreaded simulation we compile, tenents embeded within synthetic inclination. We have never dined on bait so when corrupt crooks hook simple Samaritans' eyes buried in books. Grief leaf thief briefly turned chieftan, the tapwater's on, the water's off, the water's leaking. Billy-goat beard twenty years in the making, carried lures in his brim, carried beer in his waders, stinked like alcohol of all prominent flavors, carried knives in his vest, carried war in his nature. Sat among the forest floor critters and pine cones, could tie a perfect fly with his eyes closed, veteran angler with a mission to run, make all naysayers hold t-t-t-tongues.

Edgy from elevensies to megabucks

Relentless agent hush horrendous circles on my pavement, two sticks to burn basics the lie adjacent to my placement. I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects, consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched. Bantamweight temper tantrum, decrepit anthem, set a low goal, I arrive late.